Jan. 23, 2024

Diamond Produces Packaging for New Billie Eilish No. 3 Fragrance

Billie Eilish No. 3 folding cartons (angled front view)


Eilish No. 3 by Billie Eilish

Parlux Fragrances partnered with Diamond Packaging to produce stunning new folding cartons for Eilish No. 3, a limited-edition fragrance — and last in this collection — by Billie Eilish.

In creating her third signature fragrance, Ms. Eilish worked to create something she felt reflected her personal evolution, with a woody scent that was both sensual and modern.

Eilish has synesthesia, a condition in which senses intertwine, and says her nose is particularly strong. “Every choice I make, fashion-wise, hair-wise and musically, I always want things to sound like a certain smell,” Eilish said when launching her first fragrance. “I have a very, very, very strong and long relationship with scent.”

When designing the No. 3 bottle, Eilish saw a world washed in red, which she translated into a crimson rendition of her signature bottle design of her first two fragrances, highlighting the singer’s favorite parts of the body: the chest, neck and collarbone. 

As with the original fragrance packaging, the folding cartons deliver a multisensory product experience through unusual visual depth and haptic effects, but articulated in a matching crimson red.

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FSC-Certified Paperboard

The cartons were converted utilizing FSC-certified Billerud CrownBoard Prestige paperboard and offset printed with UV process and PMS inks, in-line with UV matte and UV satin spot coating over Envirofoil®.

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Billie Eilish No. 3 folding cartons were converted utilizing FSC-certified Billerud CrownBoard Prestige paperboard.

Multi-Level Embossing

Multi-level embossed accents, including the metallic bust on the front panel, add dimension and complement the design of the primary container — a bottle gilded in crimson red and inspired by Eilish's favorite areas on the human body: the collarbone, neck, and back.

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Billie Eilish No. 2 folding cartons feature soft touch coating, Envirofoil, and multi-level embossing.

Sustainably Made

The cartons were sustainably manufactured using 100% clean, renewable wind energy and produced in a Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWL) and Carbon Neutral (Scope 1 and Scope 2) facility.

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Billie Eilish No. 3 folding cartons were manufactured with 100% wind energy in a carbon neutral facility.