HydroxyCut Max for Women

Packaging Challenges

Hydroxycut is America’s #1 selling weight loss supplement brand. Iovate worked closely with Diamond to create new packaging for HydroxyCut Max for Women that reflects the product's elite status.

Packaging Solutions

The Hydroxycut Max for Women carton imparts unusual depth and distinction through creative design, material selection, and specialty converting techniques.

The carton was converted utilizing metallized polyester board and offset printed with four-color process, gold, silver, and opaque white inks, in-line with UV matte and UV gloss spot coating.

The brilliance of the mirror-like finish of the metallized polyester film makes it a perfect choice for conveying the stunning graphics.

The UV gloss spot coating on the purple text, graphics, and embossed areas provides a striking contrast to the overall matte finish surrounding it.

Extra deep embossing (front, side, and rear panels) and blind embossing (top panel) add an appealing tactile quality that promotes consumer interaction.

The combination of color and textures differentiates the design from other nutraceutical brands and superbly complements the primary container – a shrink sleeve-wrapped bottle with black and silver accents.

The result is a strikingly visual and tactile presentation that stands out in the retail environment and conveys the brand's premium positioning.

Packaging Award Winner

Printing Impressions - Pewter Award
Folding Cartons

Package Printing - Excellence Award (Third Place)
Folding Cartons - Offset

PIA - Premier Print Award (COM)