Jun. 17, 2021

Sustainability is No Longer a Trend, it's an Expectation

“Sustainability is no longer a trend; it's an expectation," said Dennis Bacchetta, director of marketing and founding member of Diamond’s Green Team. 

Naturally Fierce folding cartons feature recyclable paperboard and embossing.


Sustainable Packaging

One of the most important packaging trends is that sustainability is no longer a trend; it's an expectation.

Sustainability has gained momentum as a priority for all brands, which has increased demand for packaging with improved environmental attributes such as folding cartons, since most are manufactured with recyclable or recycled paperboard.

"Diamond has seen an increased demand for paperboards that are made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) fiber or feature uncoated or textured surfaces,” said Dennis Bacchetta, director of marketing and founding member of Diamond’s Green Team. "We have also seen more interest in FSC-certified paperboards and inquiries on how brands can communicate these benefits through on-product labeling."

Paperboard folding cartons are an ideal packaging medium for beauty and personal care products because of their billboard space, decorative options, protective properties, and sustainability attributes. The ability to apply special effects to paperboard without limiting its recyclability has only enhanced its allure to brands.

"The use of decorative effects (e.g., specialty coatings, foil, embossing) to add texture and dimension to packaging and reinforce the premium positioning of a brand, continues to be popular," Bacchetta noted.

This emphasis has shifted the conversation away from sustainability as an added cost towards sustainability as an investment (in their brand).

In an article published in Packaging Digest, Craig Robinson notes "what is different today is that many companies are willing to take a hit on packing costs for the greater good of the brand and company. They are making concerted efforts to move into sustainable packaging and processing, even though in many instances these materials are going to cost more."

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Learn more about Diamond's sustainable packaging options, including ReMagine™ paperboard made with 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) fiber or Neenah 100 PC White folding board made from 100% post consumer waste (PCW) fibers.

Victoria Beckham folding cartons were converted utilizing Neenah 100 PC White, which is made from 100% Post Consumer Waste (PCW) fibers.