Jun. 8, 2023

Promotional Packaging Features ReMagine 30% PCR Paperboard

ReMagine 30% PCR paperboard promotional packaging


ReMagine™ 30% PCW Paperboard

One of our favorite things is ReMagine™ paperboard, made with 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) fiber.

Clearwater Paper recently approached us to help create promotional packaging for their industry-leading substrate, and we were more than excited to partner with them. When we received the finished product, a standard straight tuck carton with a perforated rear panel, inside was another of our favorite things — a frosted cookie!

Inspired by circular economy principles, ReMagine™ provides high-definition print capability and superior converting performance. By incorporating 30% post-consumer recycled fiber, ReMagine™ offers both practical and environmental benefits.

The utilization of ReMagine™ paperboard is a natural evolution of Diamond’s Greenbox sustainability initiative. The core of the initiative – designs, materials, and methods – represents a comprehensive approach to packaging that minimizes environmental impact throughout the supply chain.

ReMagine™ offers quality that stands apart from other folding carton options in the market and is an important part of both companies' value proposition, positioning our customers to address growing trends in sustainable packaging.

Want a Cookie?

Learn more about Diamond's sustainable packaging options, including ReMagine™ paperboard.

Contact us for a free folding carton sample kit and also receive a ReMagine™ cookie, while supplies last.

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ReMagine™ 30% PCW Paperboard promotion

ReMagine™ Product Brochure

ReMagine™ premium paperboard is a practical and sustainable choice to drive brand sales and profit.

By incorporating principals of the circular economy, ReMagine™ is redefining sustainability to meet the needs of the next generation.

Learn more by downloading a copy of the sustainable packaging brochure.

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ReMagine™ value of sustainable packaging brochure

ReMagine™ Sell Sheet

Data from a ReMagine™ trial comparison with SBS and CRB folding carton paperboards demonstrates its superior performance and quality versus CRB grades.

Learn more by downloading a copy of the sell sheet.

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ReMagine™ sell sheet

ReMagine Paperboard Gallery

Feist (CBD)

Feist CBD folding cartons were converted utilizing FSC-certified ReMagine™ 30% PCR paperboard and offset printed with custom PMS inks, in-line with soft touch coating and UV matte coating.

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Inkbox Freehand Tattoo Marker Kit cartons were converted utilizing FSC-certified ReMagine™ 10% PCR paperboard and offset printed with three PMS inks, in-line with UV matte coating.

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Diamond 2023 "Surf's Up" Calendar

Diamond's 2023 "Surf's Up" calendars were converted utilizing ReMagine™ 30% PCR paperboard, cold foiled, and offset printed with four color process inks, in-line with UV matte, UV gloss, and DiamondTexture specialty coatings.

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