Diamond Packaging developed innovative packaging designs to address FDA-mandated over-the-counter (OTC) labeling requirements. Our patented Design Relief™ folding cartons feature extended panels and pull-tab designs that maximize graphics without compromising shelf space.

FDA Labeling Requirements

The Food and Drug Administration’s OTC Drug Facts Label regulation was enacted to make it easier for consumers to understand information about a drug’s benefits, risks, and proper usage, and impacts all non-prescription drugs as well as drug-cosmetic products such as sunscreens. The FDA’s final ruling requires drug companies to standardize presentation of information such as active ingredients, purpose, uses (indications), warnings, directions and other data in an easy to read format. Labeling must adhere to specific requirements for headings, subheadings and minimum type sizes.

Since many smaller packages will not be able to accommodate the labeling requirements in their current configuration, drug manufacturers will have to choose from several options such as reducing brand identity elements or logos, increasing label size, increasing folding carton size, or moving to an entirely different form of packaging altogether.

Marketing Goals

Faced with the new labeling requirements demanding more space to convey drug information, companies are challenged to develop packaging that will still grab consumer’s attention in this ever competitive marketplace. They understand the need to employ graphic elements that will give their products more shelf impact to stand apart from the competition.

Relief in Sight

Extended Panel and Pull-Tab Designs

Anticipating the need for additional text and improved graphics, Diamond developed Design Relief™ cartons to deliver expanded surface area without significant changes in cost or carton size.

Extended Panel Design

A foldout panel that is normally fastened to the carton exterior to promote brand identity and preserve billboard space, but can be easily opened by consumers to reveal compliance information.

Design Relief™ extended panel folding carton

Pull Tab Design

A pull-tab panel extends to reveal additional drug information or even promotional content such as coupons or brand cross marketing. Both designs preserve room for product identity elements and logos, which are critical for consumer awareness and brand recognition.

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Design Relief™ pull-tab folding carton