Feb. 21, 2024

We Made the Switch to Boxed Water. Will You?

Diamond Packaging switched to Boxed Water is Better for all its visitors.


Boxed Water Is Better®

As a natural evolution of its Greenbox sustainability initiative, Diamond Packaging is transitioning to boxed water for all its visitors.

Diamond chose Boxed Water Is Better® because the plant-based cartons have a lower environmental impact throughout their lifecycle. They are made from 92% FSC-certified paper, recyclable, and refillable.

"The initiative closely aligns with our brand and sends a positive, impactful message to customers,” said Dennis Bacchetta, marketing director and founding member of Diamond’s Green Team.

The company even encourages everyone to reuse these paper water cartons to lower environmental impact and cost. The cartons can be cleaned, refilled, and reused using clean drinking water. They can typically be reused by refilling it twice a day for 30 days.

Let’s put plastic in its place. Let’s make the switch to paper.

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Lifecycle Study Results

The moment you grab an item from the store shelves is just a small piece of that product’s story.

Boxed Water is Better commissioned a study that shows what makes their cartons more sustainable than plastic bottles and aluminum cans throughout their entire lifecycle.

For Boxed Water's Lifecycle Assessment (LCA), researchers examined the comparative lifecycle of each product from “cradle to grave,” meaning they looked at everything from production to retail distribution to end-of-life and waste management. Their results generated an environmental profile of each product that could be examined for its impact.

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Boxed Water is Better Lifecycle Study Results
Boxed Water's Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) graphic

Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) of Plastic Bottles

How Paper Compares to Plastic

Boxed Water cartons have a lower environmental impact in every category compared to plastic bottles.

  • 880K gallons of oil are sent to the ocean per year from U.S. drilling ops.
  • Only 5% of plastic is actually recycled. The rest ends up in oceans and landfills and is making its way into human bodies.
  • There’s a plastic mass of debris in our oceans that’s 1.5X the size of Texas.
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Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) of Aluminum Cans

How Paper Compares to Aluminum

Boxed Water cartons have a lower total environmental profile than aluminum cans.

  • 30% of aluminum cans are made with virgin aluminum, which is not a sustainable resource.
  • Mining for aluminum produces 120 million tons of bauxite waste annually.
  • Choosing canned water over carton water doubles your carbon footprint.
Read the LCA on Aluminum