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Wind Energy

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

Every time an actual unit of electricity is produced from a wind farm, Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) are created. RECs represent the environmental value of producing energy from sources, such as wind, that will never be depleted and are safe for our environment. Each Renewable Energy Credit is tracked and meets or exceeds standards established by the independent Green-e program. RECs are also known as Green Tags and Renewable Energy Certificates. It is impossible to direct the flow of electricity from a specific wind farm directly to Diamond Packaging. RECs make it easy for Diamond Packaging to reduce its indirect emissions caused by traditional electricity generation by supporting 100% pollution-free wind energy for all of its energy needs.

Wind energy is currently more expensive than traditional forms of energy and RECs help make wind farms economically feasible. The purchase of RECs enables wind power to compete in the energy marketplace. Renewable Energy Credits make up the cost difference between the lower cost of traditional electricity generation, from sources such as coal, oil and natural gas and the higher cost of electricity generated by wind power. By creating demand for more wind power, Diamond Packaging helps support the development of new wind farms in the region.

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