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Today package converters need to address key environmental issues, such as conservation of resources, social responsibility, renewable/recyclable materials, clean production processes, and environmental viability. Also, consideration should be given to how the package design optimizes/reduces materials and energy and/or protects and preserves the product in an eco-sensitive fashion.

The challenge is how to produce environmentally-friendly packaging that also beckons from the shelf.


Diamond recently introduced its new Green Chic™ packaging, a significant advance in the field of sustainable packaging design. Upscale or luxury brands can now support environmental concerns without sacrificing identity.

Green Chic™ incorporates multiple technologies, all applied inline:

  • TruCOLOR™ expanded color gamut (ECG) printing
  • Specialty coatings (e.g., Emboss, Glitter, Pearl, Soft Touch, Texture)
  • Effects and decorations (e.g., Liquid Metal™ and MiraFoil® metallic UV coatings, Cast and Cure holographic effects)

Furthermore, all components are manufactured using 100% renewable wind energy.

The upscale decorative techniques are a natural evolution of Diamond's greenbox initiative and exemplify Diamond's Green Chic™ model — “Beauty without Compromise” — by capturing the essence of luxury brands through more sustainable converting methods.

Diamond's new “Four Seasons” folding carton series demonstrates these technologies in beauty-inspired packaging representing each of the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). All of the samples were created utilizing its unique Synergy (tapered tuck and seal end) structure. The cartons also incorporate a QR code which, when scanned, directs users to Diamond's green website.